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Second contract at Sage involved collaborating in a small team focused on customer retention. Contributed to a project emphasising customer interaction and involvement. Specifically, redesigned Sage's Community pages, including forums and communication channels on the site. Approach involved a mobile-first strategy, developing responsive layouts for all screen sizes, and establishing a Design System/UI kit based on componentization for easy re-use across the site.

Starting from Competitor analysis and gaining insight from stakeholders, to user testing, site map building and prototyping to ensure all features and user requests were fulfilled and worked according to business and user needs.

Tools used in this project included
Sketch - Figma - Zero Height - Illustrator - Photoshop - Miro

Duration - 6 months

I was Lead Visual Designer and worked on UX, XD, UI and Visual Design

UX, XD, UI, Branding, Creative Design

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