I worked on a full Design System build for Sage over the course of 10 months. As Sage recently underwent a large scale re-branding. My team (XD) was responsible for pulling all of the new design elements across thousands of pages, refining and in some cases fully re-designing UI elements. Collating, defining and writing guidelines and building the Design System using a combination of tools, mainly Figma and the Zero Height platform. It was a lengthy process, but the soft-launch of the system is being well received within Sage and will enable any future designers the resources they need to create and build new and exciting products and services on the Sage platform.

Tools used in this project included
Sketch - Figma - Zero Height - Illustrator - Photoshop - Miro

Duration - 10 months

I was Lead Visual Designer and worked on UX, XD, UI and Visual Design

UX, XD, UI, Branding, Creative Design

Sage - Site